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Biomimetic Technology

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Designers and technologists are increasingly looking to nature for inspiration for creating the technologies of the future. Find out more about biomimetic technology, and the ways that the natural world is shaping the tech industry.

New Tech Spotlight10

New Trends in Social Media Technology

Social media is moving at an incredible pace; Here is a round up of articles exploring the latest trends in the social media industry.

Snapchat Alternatives

Snapchat has taken a very simple premise, and turned it into a social phenomenon that has changed the tech industry. Here are a look at Snapchat's nearest competition.

Snapchat Stories and Marketing

Snapchat Stories have turned the popular Snapchat app from a messaging service to a social platform. Find out the impact that Snapchat Stories have on brand marketing.

Instagram Bolt

Instagram Bolt is the latest entrant to the world of mobile apps that is competing with Snapchat. Will this latest offering allow Facebook to compete with its new rival?

Startup Profile: Flipkart

India is a big market for e-commerce, and while the obvious choice for market leader would be Amazon, it is an Indian startup that is currently winning.

Amazon’s 3D Printing Marketplace

Amazon has formed a partnership with a number of 3D printing companies to offer a market for 3D printed goods. Is 3D printing ready for the mainstream?

VK.com: The Russian Facebook

Facebook is a globally dominant force in social media, but there is at least one important market where Facebook is being beaten: Meet the Facebook of Russia

The Internet.org App

Internet.org is rolling out an app that will offer free mobile internet to users in Zambia. Find out how Facebook is looking to connect the world for free.

Tech Company Original TV Content

More and more technology companies are entering the field of original content creation. Are tech companies the new answer to the traditional TV studio?

The Facebook Experiment

Why did the recent Facebook experiments on user data cause such an uproar? And what does it tell us about the current state of social media?

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