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DooID: Virtual Business Card to Manage Your Social Graph

By December 22, 2010

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Photo  DooID.com

Photo DooID.com

Everyone has multiple social networking services that make up their personal social graph. After you sign up for about 2 or 3 web 2.0 services, it becomes really difficult keeping your friends and contacts up to date on the various sites you use. Enter the virtual business card, a social networking service emerging with the goal of tying together all of your services into a single profile designed to make it easy for your friends to keep in contact with you.

I signed up for DooID, a virtual business card service, to see how it works. DooID, along with others, provides a personal profile with links to all of your social networking services like Twitter and Facebook as well as your contact information (phone numbers, email, websites, etc.).

Overall I was pretty impressed with this service. Not only does DooID make it easy to create a profile with pretty much every major social networking site, but it also has something that many of the social networking services seem to be coming up short on lately...security. You can add all of your social networking services to DooID and indicate which services are private public. You can also secure phone numbers and email addresses (personal and business). The way security works in DooID is you setup a guest password that you can distribute to friends who can use it to view your private information. There is also a simple request form that allows people to ask you for the password.

Things I found cool:

  • Clean customized user interface with preview
  • Free versions available along with paid and business versions.
  • Multiple templates and backgrounds to choose from
  • Most major social networking sites available (over 60 on the list)
  • Custom profile with web address - mine is dooid.com/timperdue
  • Twitter feed is pretty nice.

Things that need improvement:

  • Appears that security is either on or off - would like to see more than one option to cover several groups of contacts
  • Add-ons still pretty slim and only 5 free.

Overall, I found this service to be really interesting and potentially very useful. I believe there is a place for this in the social networking world and it just depends on adoption. We will have to wait and see.

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