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SMS Gateway: Sending a Text Message via Email

By May 4, 2011

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All mobile carriers have SMS Gateways. One of the typical uses of the SMS gateway is the forwarding of email to a mobile device and vice versa. A couple of days back, I had the need to send an SMS text message from my email account to a mobile phone. I only had the mobile number. A quick Google search yielded a lot of outdated information. To save you the frustration, I wrote an article titled SMS Gateway: From Email to SMS Text Message. This article has all the details you need including the email domains for all the major US mobile carriers.

You need several pieces of information for this to work. First, you need to know the mobile phone number. Second, you need to know the mobile carrier. Last, you need the email domain for the mobile carrier. I can't help you with the mobile number, but I can help with the other two pieces of information.

  1. Mobile Carrier: Google "Mobile Carrier Lookup" and you will find a big mess. Some services are free. Some are paid. Some are inaccurate. I did find one service that was free and seems highly accurate. Go to Telephone Number Identification (trid.us) and enter the mobile number you are looking for. It will provide you with the current mobile carrier. If you know of a better resource for looking up mobile carriers, please leave a comment or post a message the New Tech Forum.

  2. With the mobile carrier, look up the email domain from the list in my article and combine with the mobile number. In your email, the "send to" would look something like, 1234567890@txt.att.net.

That's it' There are a few more details so be sure to read the full article SMS Gateway: From Email to SMS Text Message.


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December 9, 2011 at 2:10 pm
(1) Sanjay Chopra says:

I tried to google the number 617-635-4500 and found http://numberl.com/trace-results.html?phone=617-635-4500
Is it reliable?

February 10, 2012 at 3:57 pm
(2) Carrier Lookup Service says:

One of the most reliable services offered, is Carrier Lookup Service. On the website, you get one free lookup a day but you can also purchase credits that will never disappear. The company that offers this service, takes your database pull of contact information and pulls out the numbers. It will then differentiate them as either mobile or residential. Along with the software telling you if it is mobile or residential, it will then tell you the carrier of that user. This company also offers a reverse lookup feature. Say you run a reverse lookup on ten numbers, you will probably get about three or four numbers back telling you more about that number, such as: age, contact information or possibly an email.

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