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ZoomIt - Annotation & Screen Zoom For Technical Presentations

By January 28, 2012

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ZoomIt is one of my favorite utilities. It was created by Mark Russinovich, a fellow at Microsoft (@markrussinovich on Twitter). Version 4.2 was released in May 2011 and runs on all version of Windows. Sorry Mac users.

ZoomIt runs in the system tray and is activated by hotkeys, most of which are custmizable. If you are someone who demos software, this is a must-have tool. It is a simple executable and there is even an online version if you don't want to download anything. ZoomIt is available from Windows Sysinternals.

Coolest Features of ZoomIt

  1. Zoom in on a part of your screen and easily move to the area you are trying to show. The screen freezes until you hit escape.
  2. Enter annotation mode without zooming.
  3. Annotate on the screen with your mouse or pen input. You choose the color and thickness which can be changed on the fly.
  4. Draw an arrow to call out a spot on your screen.
  5. Draw a box around a part of your screen.
  6. Draw an ellipse on your screen.
  7. Copy the annotated screen or sketch pad.

Download ZoomIt 4.2 from TechNet Sysinternals. If you haven't used it before, ZoomIt will become one of your go to utilities.

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