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Tech Startup Profile - Instagram (Burbn, Inc.) - Developers of ...
Instagram (Burbn, Inc.) is a tech startup company that focuses on mobile application development. They have developed an iPhone photo sharing application ...
Tech Startup Profile: Sendoid (Peer to Peer File Transfer)
Sendoid makes transferring files a snap. Sendoid is a secure peer to peer file transfer service that uses 128bit AES encryption to transfer files between two users ...
Tech Startup Profile: SocialEyes (Social Video Conferencing)
SocialEyes is a social video conferencing solution that runs using Facebook's social graph.
Interviewing with Start-Up Companies - Tech Careers - About.com
Tips for interviewing with start-companies, plus interview questions to ask and links to start-up jobs.
Interview Questions to Ask Start-Up Companies - Tech Careers
The list below is to help you formulate questions to ask while interviewing with start-up companies. Wait until start-up company interviewers ask if you have ...
Startup Profile: Uber - About.com New Tech
Uber is a transportation tech startup that has recently grabbed a lot of headlines with a $258 million investment from Google Ventures. Find out more about this ...
Startup Profile: WhatsApp - About.com New Tech
Has a Small Startup Created the Mobile Messaging Standard? ... But the SMS protocol is an aging technology, originating a relic of old cellular diagnostic tools.
Jobs at Start-Up Companies - Tech Careers - About.com
About working for start-up companies and where to find the jobs. Also called startup and start up company jobs.
Startup Profile: Stripe - About.com New Tech
Find out more about tech payment startup Stripe. Will it unseat PayPal for online payments supremacy?
Startup Casual Clothing: What to Wear to an Interview and Work
As online companies and other innovative startups start to grow, a new definition of business attire has sprung forth, too: startup casual. A touch less dressy than traditional business casual attire, startup casual involves clothing ... Technology...
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