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Investors for Your Small Business - Venture Capital
What is venture capital and how do you find it? Venture capital is often the financing choice that start-up business firms must make in order to get financing.
Venture Capital - What is Venture Capital - US Business Law / Taxes
Venture capital is private funding used to support risky new businesses and speculative ventures, usually businesses with high growth potential. A typical ...
Differences Between Venture Capital and Angel Investing
Even though venture capital and angel investing are both ways for a fledgling firm to obtain equity financing and get off the ground, only a few will qualify and be ...
Maryland Business - Venture Capital Firms in Maryland
List of venture capital and equity investment firms in Maryland. Financial resources for Maryland (MD) start-up capital, and funding for growth and late- stage ...
Venture Capital Definition - Small Business Information - About.com
Venture capital defintion for small business glossary.
Venture Capital Funds - Financial Careers - About.com
Venture Capital Overview: Venture capital funds are highly specialized investment companies, within the broader subcategory of private equity. They buy equity ...
What Is a Venture Capitalist? (Definition) - Small Business Canada
A venture capitalist is a person who invests in a business venture, providing capital for start-up or expansion. Venture capitalists are looking for a higher rate of ...
Venture Capital Investment 2011 - What Industries do Venture ...
The Great Recession hit venture capital investment hard. Because venture capital investment was hit hard, new start-ups and new existing businesses that ...
Venture Capital - Biotech/Biomedical - About.com
Venture Capital is money made available for investment into research, development and marketing of new innovations, particularly in high technology areas ...
Venture Capital - Finding a Venture Capitalist for Small Business
They were created by Congress to provide venture capital to start-up and expanding small businesses. Even though they are licensed and regulated by the SBA, ...
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