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New technology trends for devices. We are currently entering the post-PC era, and technology can now be found on more everyday real-world items than ever before. From thermostats to wearable computing to tablets, this section will cover the latest trends in technology devices.
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What is Arduino?
A profile of Arduino, the open source microcontroller platform

The Executive's Guide to Tablets
This article is written to bring an executive up to speed on tablet technology.

10 Awesome Tech Gifts
the ultimate guide to tech gifts

10 Fun Tech Gifts for Under 50 Bucks
There is still time to get the perfect gift for the geek in your life. Check out 10 tech gifts for Christmas 2011 for under $50.

Arduino Projects for Beginners
If you are interested in exploring Arduino and understanding its capabilities, here are 5 project ideas for beginners that can provide inspiration for your dive into this exciting technology.

The Nest Thermostat and Interface Design
The Nest Thermostat represents an innovation in interface design, and shows a pathway towards amazing opportunities for future innovation for savvy technologists. Find out what makes this technology so important.

The Arduino Shield
Arduino Shields are an important way to expand the capabilities of the Arduino platform and get the most out of your Arduino project. Find out more about shields within.

The Arduino Uno
The Arduino Uno is a popular Arduino format that has become the de facto standard choice for beginners. Find out what makes this format so popular here.

Arduino Project Ideas
These five project ideas combine the Arduino platform with an array of technologies from across many disciplines. These projects will stretch your abilities as a developer, and really underscore the power and versatility of the Arduino.

Arduino: An Overview
A collection of articles providing a comprehensive overview of Arduino, the microcontroller development platform. Topics range from a description of Arduino to projects and applications that can be made with the technology.

MakerBot: A 3D Printer for the Home
3D printing has become a topic of great interest in tech circles, and MakerBot Industries is looking to bring it to the masses. Will the MakerBot Replicator spark the next desktop publishing revolution?

The txtr beagle: A $13 E-Book Reader
A startup company out of Germany has surprised tech media by introducing an e-book reader that is set to cost only $13. Can the txtr beagle challenge Amazon's Kindle for dominance over the e-book market?

5 Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners
Have you recently acquired a popular Raspberry Pi, or are on the fence about it, and unsure where to start? Check out 5 projects you can pick up relatively easily for this popular computer technology.

5 Fitness Tracking Devices
Fitness is a difficult thing to master, and a number of companies are looking to use technology to help you achieve your goals. Check out these 5 devices aimed at making you a fitter, healthier person.

Custom Cases for Raspberry Pi
One of the first tasks for a hobbyist after buying a new Raspberry Pi is to figure out how to protect it. Check out a few options for both store bought and DIY Raspberry Pi Cases here!

Games for Raspberry Pi
While originally intended as an educational device, the Raspberry Pi has emerged as a surprisingly capable gaming computer. Here's a rundown of the best gaming options for the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Wearable Computers
While Google Glass is capturing a lot of recent media attention, Raspberry Pi might be an alternative to offering wearable computing at a fraction of the cost. Check out these Raspberry Pi wearable computing projects here.

Raspberry Pi Displays
While the Raspberry Pi comes with two default options for connecting a display, many hobbyists have created a number of other display projects for visualizing their RPi. Check out a few Raspberry Pi display projects here!

The Raspberry Pi Media Center
The Raspberry Pi may be a cheap alternative to the traditional media center device. Check out these projects to find out whether the Raspberry Pi will be your media center of choice.

Arduino and Home Automation
One very dramatic application of Arduino technology is to use it to control home systems such as lighting, appliances and even your thermostat. Find out more about how Arduino can be used to automate your home here.

Arduino and Mobile Phone Projects
An exciting feature of Arduino is its portability. Find out more about projects that integrate Arduino with mobile device technology inside.

Arduino Lock Devices
Using Arduino as a method for opening doors using remote commands is one of the simplest introductory projects for Arduino. If you are looking to get started with Arduino, check out these projects!

Arduino Motion Sensor Projects
Check out these ideas for creating a motion sensing device from the popular Arduino micro-controller platform.

Arduino Thermostat Projects
Check out these ideas for creating a home thermostat using the popular Arduino micro-controller platform.

Arduino Quadcopter Projects
Check out these project ideas for creating an unmanned aerial vehicle using the popular Arduino micro-controller platform.

Arduino Robotics Projects
Arduino provides a great introduction to the world of robotics. Check out these Arduino based robot project ideas.

Arduino Twitter Projects
Find out more about Arduino projects that integrate with the popular social media site Twitter

Arduino RFID Projects
Check out the following projects integrating Arduino with the near field communication format RFID

The Twine WiFi Sensor
The Twine WiFi sensor allows for many of the interesting features of an Arduino, packaged into a sturdy box with a solid web interface. Find out more about this technology here!

The Lifx Lightbulb
Learn more about the Lifx lightbulb, a successful Kickstarter project for a new smart lightbulb.

Google Chromecast vs Apple TV
Find out how Google's latest offering in the TV space stacks up against Apple TV. Is Chromecast worth a look, or will it suffer the same fate as Google TV?

Electronic Paper Developments
E-paper has been around for some time, but the technology has improved only incrementally over the years. Will electronic paper still feature prominently in the tech industry over the next few years?

Gesture Control Technology
Gesture control holds the promise of opening an entirely new model of interaction with technology. Find out more about the major companies that are entering this tech space.

Arduino vs Netduino
Arduino has become so popular that it has spawned a number of projects that extend it. Netduino is a popular example; Which of the two is right for you?

The Top Quantified Self Apps
Find out more about the most popular apps within the quantified self movement.

What is BeagleBone Black?
The new BeagleBone Black has gained a lot of attention in the world of hardware development. Will it become the next great prototyping platform?

BeagleBone Black vs Raspberry Pi
Has the Raspberry Pi found a rival? Find out how the new BeagleBone Black stacks up against the Pi in the battle for supremacy in embedded Linux

BeagleBone Black vs Arduino
Find out how the new BeagleBone Black stacks up against the popular hardware prototyping platform Arduino

BeagleBone Black Projects for Beginners
The BeagleBone Black is gaining popularity as a hardware protoyping platform. Here are 5 projects that can get you started programming on this device.

BeagleBone Black Overview

Flexible OLED Displays
Flexible OLEDs or FOLEDs, hold a lot of promise for powering the mobile devices of the future. Will smartphones in the future be bendable?

The Amazon Fire Phone
Amazon's new Fire Phone raises a lot of questions, namely: is it compelling enough to displace the established markets of iPhone and Android?

Leap Motion vs Oculus Rift
The Leap Motion controller may enjoy some new success as a complementary product to the well-funded Oculus Rift. Find out about this new partnership.

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