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Enterprise Technology

Large enterprises have unique technology needs that drive a great deal of innovation. This section will outline the latest developments in enterprise IT, in areas like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Database Management Systems (DBMS).
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Enterprise Project Management
Demand Management is about having a unified view of all demand for projects in your organization so you can align and prioritize the requests with the needs of your organization. It also provides a way to control the life cycle of the demand process.

Business of IT

Business Tech
Business Tech

Algorithmic Trading and the Internet
Algorithmic trading is a new concept that has quickly come to dominate the landscape of Wall Street. But this market strategy is also becoming an important shaping force in internet technologies, find out more inside.

Dropbox For Developers
Find out more about developing for Dropbox, the popular online file sharing service. Available tools, enterprise focus, and a growing community of developers.

What is Adaptive Architecture?
Adaptive Architecture is showing promise as being a significant cost save in IT projects. Learn more about this technology and its uses here.

Kaggle: A Startup Profile
Kaggle is a startup that offers an incremental way to enter the world of data science, by holding contests to refine your data algorithms. Learn more about Kaggle and how it may be a model for hiring in the tech industry.

Apache Hadoop
Hadoop is a name that has become synonymous with big data. What is Apache Hadoop, and how is it being used in the world of big data?

Data Science Learning Resources
Data Science and Big Data are concepts that have become very popular in the tech community. For those looking to learn more about this domain, there are a number of great resources at your disposal.

Big Data Examples
Big Data is a term that has been used frequently in the tech media, causing some to dismiss it as an overused buzzword. But there are firms right now who are using big data technology to create tangible results. Here are some examples of big data success in industry.

Understanding Big Data
For those looking to understand the true substance of big data behind the media hype, here is a collection of articles that touch upon various themes in this growing and evolving domain.

The Open Compute Project
The Open Compute project is an open source foundation being led by Facebook to increase transparency in the world of data center infrastructure. Find out more about the project, and its impact on the tech industry.

Tech Company Profile: Alibaba

PowerPivot 2013 New Features
Find out more about the new features that have been built in to PowerPivot for Excel 2013, and find out what makes it a powerful data science tool.

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