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Tech Startups

Many of the highest profile developments in the tech world are driven by startups. This section will delve into the world of technology startups - how they are funded, how they are managed, and the innovations that are making an impact on the tech community at large.

5 Great Kickstarter Technology Projects
What are some of the best tech innovations to start life as a Kickstarter project? Learn more about some great Kickstarter tech stories here.

Tech Startup Profile: Sendoid
Tech Startup Profile: Sendoid (Peer to Peer File Transfer)

Tech Startup Profile: Instagram (Burbn, Inc.)
Instagram (Burbn, Inc.) is a tech startup company that focuses on mobile application development. They have developed an iPhone photo sharing application called Instagram.

Tech Startup Profile: SocialEyes (Social Video Conferencing)
Tech Startup Profile: SocialEyes (Social Video Conferencing)

Tech Startups - Y Combinator is the New Model
Y Combinator is a new kind of tech startup incubator. Y Combinator invests seed money, provides expertise, and most importantly, makes connections for startups.

Tech Company Profile: Social Intelligence
Social Intelligence provides services that allow employers to screen current and prospective employees in terms of social media content.

Twilio is an Infrastructure as a Service that aims to make phone systems accessible to web developers. Find out why services like Twilio will be important for web technologies of the future.

Square Inc.
A profile of rising payment startup Square Inc, and its importance in the evolution of payment systems and culture.

Startup Profile: TaskRabbit
TaskRabbit is looking to develop a new type of commerce by providing a platform to help you get tasks done. Find out more about the future of social commerce.

Startup Profile: Codecademy
Codecademy is a startup company aimed at quickly teaching absolutely anyone how to program computers, for free. Find out more about this interesting startup.

Startup Profile: Heroku
Profile of Heroku: What is Heroku, and why is it an important resource for founders looking to launch a tech startup? Find out more about Heroku.

Tech Startups Near the Tipping Point
These 5 technology startups are very close to becoming household names. Will any of them succeed in becoming a dominant player in the industry?

Startup Profile: Fab.com
Daily deals site Fab.com has met with success in e-commerce, an area thought to be the domain of only Amazon.com. What set Fab.com apart, and allowed it to succeed where so many others have failed?

Startup Profile: Duolingo
Duolingo is a language learning site that is using technology to create a way to acquire a new language for free. How is this possible? Find out more here.

Startup Profile: Udacity
Udacity is a tech startup aimed at democratizing elite technology education by making it available for free online. How is this possible? find out more about Udacity.

5 Tech Centers Outside of Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley remains the most well known tech center in the U.S., but it isn't the only place startups are emerging from. Here are 5 lesser known cities that are hotbeds of tech innovation.

Startup Profile: WhatsApp
Learn more about the mobile messaging service WhatsApp. Will it become the de facto replacement for SMS?

Ride Sharing Technology
LEarn more about how technology is changing car ownership, and allowing customers to use cars in dynamic, on-demand ways.

Startup Profile: Uber
Uber is a transportation tech startup that has recently grabbed a lot of headlines with a $258 million investment from Google Ventures. Find out more about this tech startups.

Tech Company Pivots

Marketing a Web Startup

Startup Profile: Stripe

Startup Profile: Kiip
Kiip is a startup aimed at changing mobile advertising. Will it be successful at creating engagement through performance marketing? Find out more inside.

Tech Startups at SXSW
South by Southwest (SXSW) has become a launchpad for a number of very big tech startups. Find out more about SXSW, and its importance to new tech.

Startup Profile: Secret
The new mobile app Secret offers the promise of anonymously sharing your thoughts with friends. Will it become the next big social network?

Startup Profile: Flipboard
Mobile app Flipboard has found success as a content platform, particularly for the iPad. Find out more about Flipboard's history and future as a curation platform.

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