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Tech Startup Profile: SocialEyes

Social Video Conferencing


SocialEyes was founded by Rob Glaser, Founder and Chairman of RealNetworks and Rob Williams who was a Microsoft executive. SocialEyes's solution is social video conferencing. The service runs as a Facebook application where it can leverage the social graph of the social networking giant. It can also be run from SocialEyes.com. The service allows users to participate in multiple video chats and users can join or create their own groups. You can also store and forward a video message if the user you are trying to reach is not online. Rob Williams says that video products haven't kept pace with the way people communicate today using social networking. SocialEyes is hopping it will close this gap.

The service enables social networking using face to face communications with a six-pane video chat window. SocialEyes runs in a browser and doesn't require any downloads or plugins. The technology runs on SocialEyes servers using point to point video built into their Flash application. The company has plans for mobile and tablet applications.

Tech Startup Profile: SocialEyes

Description SocialEyes is a social personal video conferencing solution that runs using Facebook's social graph.
Website socialeyes.com
Founded May 2010
Executives Rob Glaser, Co-Founder
Rob Williams, Co-Founder
Offices San Francisco, CA
Competitors Skype
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