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New Tech Glossary

This section contains definitions of terms that relate to new tech.

CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access.

Definition of JSON which is the acronym for JavaScript Object Notation.

Infrastructure BSS
Infrastructure BSS is part of the 802.11 wireless network standard.

ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITIL is an acronym for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL is a widely accepted approach to IT service management and includes best practices.

The definition of RDBMS which is a relational database management system

Dynamo was created by Amazon.com and is the most prominent Key-Value NoSQL database.

Cassandra was open sourced by Facebook and is a column oriented NoSQL database.

BigTable is Google's proprietary column oriented database. Google allows the use of BigTable but only for the Google App Engine.

SimpleDB is a NoSQL database used by Amazon for their EC2 and S3 services.

CouchDB is an open source document oriented NoSQL database.

Neo4j is an open source NoSQL graph database.


ODBC is a standard method for accessing data which allows any application to connect to any database.

Gantt Chart
Gantt charts are used to illustrate the start and finish dates of tasks that make up a project.

PERT Chart
PERT Chart

SMS Gateway
The SMS Gateway allows messages to be moved in and out of the SMS communication system.

Augmented Reality
A glossary definition of Augmented Reality

Web 3.0
A glossary definition of the term Web 3.0

The Internet of Things
Glossary Definition of the Internet of Things

LAMP is the acronym for a bundle of open source software that powers websites

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