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Research and Development

Research and development is essential to technology innovation. This section covers the latest research and development topics and profiles of the most innovative research and development oriented organizations.

Tech Startups - Y Combinator is the New Model
Y Combinator is a new kind of tech startup incubator. Y Combinator invests seed money, provides expertise, and most importantly, makes connections for startups.

Health care in the palm of your hand | R&D Mag
A team from MIT and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has developed mobile technology that can improve health care access in developing countries. The mobile software works on Android devices and has the ability connect health care workers in rural regions with physicians in urban areas.

Tech Industry Trends 2010: A Year of Guarded Hope
Innovation depends on funding and with the economic downturn, tech spending has been down. On a positive note, it appears that 2010 is a year of hope. This article looks and the future trends in technology.

What is Chronemics?
Find out more about the relationship between Chronemics, the study of time in communication, and new technology.

What is Proxemics?
Find out more about Proxemics, the study of human spaces, and how proxemics may affect the design of new technology.

What is Haptics
Find out more about haptics -- two way tactile interaction in new technology

What is Kinesics?
Find out more about kinesics, the use of gestures and body language, and how it relates to the design of new technology.

Digital Anthropology in Design

Natural User Interfaces

Tangible User Interfaces
We have come to rely on the multi touch screen as the default choice for most tech devices. But will future tech have tangible, physical interfaces?

What is SLAM Technology?
Google's amazing self-driving car makes use of a set of concepts called SLAM technology: Simaultaneous Localization and Mapping. Learn more about SLAM here.

Collective Intelligence Projects

Collective Intelligence
What is collective intelligence? It is a human concept that has been empowered by technology and may be set to work on the worlds toughest problems.

Kurzweil on Strong AI
Ray Kurzweil is a well-known futurist who wrote extensively about the possibility of superhuman computer intelligence. Here's a summary of his thoughts on strong AI.

Programming with DNA
DNA is beginning to show signs of being programmable, just like the binary code in computers. Here's the latest from the world of DNA programming.

The Turing Test
The Turing Test is a well known concept in the history of computer science. What does the Turing Test mean for the future of artificial intelligence technology?

5 Features of the New SpaceX Dragon
The Dragon V2 offers the promise of cost efficient manned space flight. Find out more about SpaceX's remarkable latest spacecraft.

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