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Social Networking

Social Networking is about grouping individuals into communities. The web has revolutionized social networking be opening up the world into online communities. The section includes topics, trends and information relating to social networking.
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Tech Company Profile: Social Intelligence
Social Intelligence provides services that allow employers to screen current and prospective employees in terms of social media content.

Daily Deals: A Mini "Daily" Bubble?
The daily deal market launched Groupon which is the fastest growing company ever. However, the industry is already seeing signs of over-saturation and even decline. This article looks at the daily deal business including the new technology used by businesses in this space.

Startup Profile: Fab.com
Daily deals site Fab.com has met with success in e-commerce, an area thought to be the domain of only Amazon.com. What set Fab.com apart, and allowed it to succeed where so many others have failed?

Startup Profile: Snapchat

Second Screen Apps
The second screen has become an important phenomenon in TV technology. Find out about popular mobile apps that are powering the second screen.

VK.com: The Russian Facebook
Facebook is a globally dominant force in social media, but there is at least one important market where Facebook is being beaten: Meet the Facebook of Russia

Instagram Bolt

Snapchat Stories and Marketing
Snapchat Stories have turned the popular Snapchat happ from a messaging service to a social platform. Find out the impact that Snapchat Stories have on brand marketing.

Snapchat Alternatives
Snapchat has taken a very simple premise, and turned it into a social phenomenon that has changed the tech industry. Here are a look at Snapchat's nearest competition.

New Trends in Social Media Technology
Social media is moving at an incredible pace; Here is a round up of articles exploring the latest trends in the social media industry.

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