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Using the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)


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Amazon S3 Pricing
Amazon S3 Pricing

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The Amazon S3 rate structure is really straight forward and includes the following:

  • Storage Fees: The storage fees start out at $.14 per GB per month for the first TB. The next 49 TB is $.125 per GB and the next 450 TB is $.11 per GB. The storage fee is the charge to have data (files) stored on Amazon's servers. There is also a Reduced Redundancy Storage option which is even less.
  • Data Transfer Fees: Data transferred in is $.10 per GB. The data transfered out fees are free for the first 1 GB of data and $.15 per GB for the next 9 TB of data. The data transfer fee is the charge when a file is uploaded and/or downloaded during a page view.
  • Request Fees: The request fees are $0.01 per 1,000 PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST requests. This fee is a base charge for 1,000 requests.
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