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Tech Innovation

Coverage of major innovations in technology, past, present and future. Technology innovation focuses on designing and developing new products, services, ideas and principles using creative methods and best practices. Tech innovation drives our current economy and the largest organizations in the world are the players.
  1. Apple (7)
  2. Google (7)
  3. Green Computing (2)
  4. Microsoft (13)
  5. Research and Development (17)
  6. Virtualization (1)

Emerging Technology
Emerging Technology is about the future. In the world of information technology, this could be next month as things move quickly. Emerging Technologies often have social and ethical ramifications. This section covers Emerging Technology with a focus on the web, social networking, gaming and software development.

Business Tech
Business Tech

Tech Startup Profile: Sendoid
Tech Startup Profile: Sendoid (Peer to Peer File Transfer)

Tech Company Profile: EyeTrackShop
Tech Company Profile: EyeTrackShop (Eye Tracking Technology)

Wi-Fi Direct
Wi-Fi Direct is a specification that allows devices to connect to one another without the need for any type of wireless access point. The Wi-Fi Alliance has promised that Wi-Fi Direct fixes all of the things that Bluetooth was unable to do. The Wi-Fi Alliance released the Wi-Fi Direct Specification this month and we should begin seeing Wi-Fi...

10 Awesome Tech Gifts
the ultimate guide to tech gifts

Review of Bre.ad - URL Shortening and Promotion Service
Bre.ad allows users to create billboards or "toasts" that promote something important to them. You could toast a brand, a charity or anything really. And the URL Shortening portion of the tool, redirects users to the final web page.

10 Fun Tech Gifts for Under 50 Bucks
There is still time to get the perfect gift for the geek in your life. Check out 10 tech gifts for Christmas 2011 for under $50.

5 Applications of Augmented Reality Technology
Here are 5 interesting uses for augmented reality, an important technology of the future.

Near Field Communications and Mobile Payments
Near Field Communications (NFC) is a technology that has been discussed for some time as the catalyst for mobile payments. Is NFC ready for prime time?

Bitcoin and Digital Currencies
Bitcoin has managed to persevere and grow where many other digital currencies have struggled and failed. Will Bitcoin become the standard currency for digital transactions?

Algorithmic Trading and the Internet
Algorithmic trading is a new concept that has quickly come to dominate the landscape of Wall Street. But this market strategy is also becoming an important shaping force in internet technologies, find out more inside.

The Future of Commerce
Technology is shaping the way we transact with one another, and how we pay for things. What will the future of commerce look like?

What is the Singularity?
The singularity is a dramatic idea that has been much discussed both in technology circles and in pop culture. But what is it exactly? Find out more about the singularity, and its impact on the world of technology here.

MakerBot: A 3D Printer for the Home
3D printing has become a topic of great interest in tech circles, and MakerBot Industries is looking to bring it to the masses. Will the MakerBot Replicator spark the next desktop publishing revolution?

Voice Commands on Mobile
Why Has Mobile Voice Command Software Been So Disappointing? Find out more Inside

5 Tech Tools to Boost Your Productivity
Looking for ways to work smarter using technology? check out these tech tools to help you with your day-to-day tasks.

5 Emerging Market Tech Trends to Watch
Emerging markets are driving new tech innovations. Find out more about important trends in technology in service of emerging markets

Subscription Commerce
A new model of online retail is emerging to provide important discovery services for the overwhelmed consumer. Find out more about subscription commerce.

3D Printed Objects
Take a look at the wide range of objects that can be created with the latest generation of 3D printers. Some of these objects may surprise you!

Startup Profile: Shapeways
Find out more about Shapeways, a company started in 2007 that has now become one of the premier marketplaces for 3D printing

3D Copying Technology
3D copying is a natural extension of the concept of 3D printing, adding object scanning techniques to allow users to replicate physical objects. Will this technology reach the mainstream and become a prevalent home device? Find out more inside.

Spotify Connect and Becoming Profitable
Music streaming company Spotify recently announced Spotify Connect, a hardware feature that will allow Spotify users to stream to a home stero. What does this technology mean for the profitability of the company?

The Netflix Turnaround
Netflix has encountered a lot of difficulties of late, but in the last few years, Netflix has bounced back and beaten Wall St. expectations. Find out more about the Netflix turnaround.

Tech Company Profile: Tencent

Chinese Tech Investments

3D Printing Overview
3D Printing is a rapidly evolving field, one that is growing in importance and impact in the tech world. Get up to speed with the various major topics in 3D printing with this collection of articles.

What is the Sharing Economy?
Learn more about the sharing economy, and how new technology is powering new models of ownership.

Maker Technology
The "maker" movement is characterized by micro-manufacturing by individuals rather than companies. What forces are behind this technology movement?

The Law of Accelerating Returns
The pace of development in technology is increasing, and we are moving at an ever faster rate. Find out more about the law of accelerating returns.

The Future of Computing

Tech Company Original TV Content
More and more technology companies are entering the field of original content creation. Are tech companies the new answer to the traditional TV studio?

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