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Business Tech


The business of information technology (IT) drives the technology. This wasn't always the case -- think about the dot com era. The business of IT is about aligning technology to meeting the strategy of the organization. Topics in this section include IT Portfolio Management, Enterprise Architecture, successful business models, and development approaches to managing expectations of the business. The business of IT is about bringing value to your organization with every project every day.
  1. Business Process Management
  2. About the Business
  3. Project Management

Business Process Management

Many IT initiatives deal directly with business process management. This is about making things more efficient and ultimately saving time and money. As developers, we want to take on projects that actually benefit the business and not just a hi-tech solution. It's about solving problems with the business in mind.

About the Business

Technology workers can really benefit from an understanding of key business related topics. This section includes articles to help developers and engineers gain an understanding of business and more importantly how it relates to technology.

Project Management

Project Management is critical to the success of any IT implementation, upgrade or change request. It has been proven over many years that using Project Management concepts will always results in a better result.

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