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Tech Company Profile: EyeTrackShop

Eye Tracking Technology


Photo © EyeTrackShop

Photo © EyeTrackShop

EyeTrackShop provides a platform for webcam based eye tracking studies. The technology is used to analyze exactly where on a computer monitor a user is gazing. Eye tracking analysis can be used for print advertising, web advertisements, an entire website, website banner ads and many other applications. A client can test a layout change to their e-commerce website or test a new banner ad before deploying it.

Eye tracking technology is not completely new. EyeTrackShop is trying to bring eye tracking to the masses by using webcams and computers. This method opens up studies that can take place anywhere in the world versus the traditional eye tracking research that needs to take place in a location equipped with specific hardware.

EyeTrackShop provides a cost effective eye tracking method using a computer and a webcam. This online platform allows studies to be carried out worldwide for organizations wanting to evaluate user behavior when interacting with an advertisement, banner ad or website. The other nice thing about the EyeTrackShop platform is results can be compared to data created by other organizations and held in EyeTrackShop's data centers. They can turn around a study within 48 hours.

How Does EyeTrackShop Work?

Let's consider an advertisement a company wants studied. The company would send their ad to EyeTrackShop. EyeTrackShop distributes the ad to respondents from all over the world or a specific area that the company wants the study to be focused on. The respondents to the ad calibrate their webcam and view the companies ad using their computer. They also answer a few survey questions. EyeTrackShop collects data from all the respondents, analyzes it and provides their clients with a report within a couple of days.

One of the coolest parts of this technology are the reporting that a client receives. In addition to normal statistics and analysis about their ad, they also receive visualizations showing details about where on the ad users gaze upon the most.

See the image gallery showing visualizations from the EyeTrackShop software.

EyeTrackShop is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and has an office in New York City.

Tech Company Profile: EyeTrackShop

Description EyeTrackShop provides a webcam based solution that makes eye tracking studies available globally.
Website EyeTrackShop.com
Social Networks LinkedIn
Founded 2009
Executives Mathias Plank, Founder and CEO
Jeff Bander, Senior Vice President
Offices Stockholm, Sweden & New York, NY
Competitors Eye Tracking, Inc.
Seeing Machines
SensoMotoric Instruments
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