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User Interface

The User Interface (UI) is how users interact with a computer or some other device. The user interface has evolved with best practices of design changing with additional computing power. The rich user interface includes more then just menus and commands. It includes real-time Ajax powered rich user interaction which can make the user experience much better. Explore the latest innovations in user interface design and best practices.

Stardock Fences
Stardock Fences - Desktop Organization for Windows

Microsoft Sees Many Uses for Gesture-controlled Interfaces - PCWorld
Advances in gesture-controlled interfaces will change how humans interact with computers. Read about Microsoft's innovations in user interface design.

Development Tools and Best Practices
Developer Tools and Best Practices

Stardock Fences
Stardock Fences Gallery

The Nest Thermostat and Interface Design
The Nest Thermostat represents an innovation in interface design, and shows a pathway towards amazing opportunities for future innovation for savvy technologists. Find out what makes this technology so important.

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