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IAM Fox for AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM)

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The Bottom Line

IAM Fox is a great start for one of Amazon's new services. Both IAM and IAM Fox are both currently in beta, so you may want to be careful in how you implement this service in a production environment or for mission critical applications.

I tested the tool by creating groups, users, and policies and by verifying everything using the AWS Identity and Access Management API. Everything appears to be working exactly as advertised. I do think it would be good for the developer to document the application completely. There just hasn't been a lot written about the application to date. Give this a try.


  • IAM Fox is simple to use.
  • Installation was quick and configuration was straight forward.
  • Saves time compared to the IAM Command Line Toolkit.
  • Bundled with the XUL Runtime so you don't have to find and install yourself.
  • Covers most of the important API Actions.


  • IAM Fox is in beta and is a new application. As with any beta, there could be issues.
  • I couldn't find help documentation and there are a couple of features that weren't self-documenting.
  • Policy documents need to be pasted into the policies screen and can't be imported from text files.


  • IAM Fox is a GUI Client for AWS Identity and Access Management.
  • IAM Fox is new and currently in beta (IAM is also still in beta).
  • IAM Fox is written in JavaScript and uses Mozilla XUL.
  • IAM Fox was developed by Genki Sugawara from Japan.

Guide Review - IAM Fox for AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Being a new user of AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM), I was pleased to see the release of IAM Fox, one of the first GUI based IAM applications. Amazon's IAM is still in beta with only a couple of developer tools released to utilize this service.

IAM Fox is a GUI client for AWS IAM. The application was developed by Genki Sugawara and was built using JavaScript and Mozilla XUL. IAM Fox is a very simple application, and I could use without any documentation. In my testing, it worked perfectly. Having set up and used the IAM Command Line Toolkit, I found that IAM Fox is really much easier to manage IAM users.

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